Win Real Money Playing Jacks or Better

Jack or better is an impressive and complete video slot by NetEnt features a wide host of usability and fun for players. The popularity of the slot made NetEnt to make a double up version of the slot at .

What Makes Jack or Better Unique?

As a product of NetEnt, you expect a high quality video slot with mass appeal. This is exactly what you get from Jack or Better casino game. The game allows to players to player up to 25 hands at .

Presentation of Game

The background of the video slot sets on a beautiful and engaging background. The same color background is similar to the original game. How the game is an improvement of the graphics from the earlier version.

Visual Appeal of Game

The best about the video slot is that it comes with a similar layout. The top right corner features the logo with the underside showing the payouts of the various hands. The top screen shows the winning hands.

Overall View of Slot

The slot offers a simple layout than the predecessor and a royal straight flush that offers up the biggest payouts that can go up to 250 times your wager. It features a fully customization interface to suit your preferences.

A major struggle you will face with the site is adjusting the hands which are played per hand. It also offers the chance the change the amount between one and five. You can also change the coin value while in play.

Game Play for Slot

A good strategy for the game play for the slot is with the adjusting bet levels. You can also change the coin values that range between €0.01 to €0.05. Therefore, you can land the highest coin value and highest bet levels.

Playing to Win

There is a differentiation between this type of slot and the standard single hand version by NetEnt. In case you have one hand in play, you can easily turnover and play with more cards for the game.

Suggested Gambling Advice

Once you have set the gambling level which you wish to play with, proceed to pressing the green button in order to deal your hand. You should be wise in selecting gambling level which goes hand in hand with your gamestyle.

Understanding the Hands

A major part when playing Jack or Better is having an understanding of the slots and cards in hand. You are at a disadvantage in case you luck the knowledge of how to deal the cards.

Flush System of Video Slot

The royal flush of the video slot refers to the simultaneous appearance of five cards in a matching pattern that starts with a 10 card and ends with the Ace card. This is the highest paying card.

Other Types of Hands

A full house is a hand with three kinds of a pair. A four of a kind refers to appearance of four cards in the same number. Three of a kind is where three cards with same number appear.


The Bottom Line

Jack or Better is a fun and simple video slot especially for beginners. You need to know the hang of the game before proceeding to deal the cards. It is currently the most played version of the game.